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Pod Tune: Whale Human Music

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William Basinski & Richard Chartier

The Deluge

William Basinski
TRR 258

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Exhibition: Ghost in the Machine - EIGEN + ART Lab, Berlin

April 29, 2016

William's work will be part of "Ghost in the Machine," an exhibition presented by Carsten Nicolai of Raster Noton at the E...

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Live Performance: Sala Vanni - Firenze, IT

April 16, 2016

William will be performing his new piece "A Shadow in Time (for David Robert Jones)" at Sala Vanni - Piazza del Carmine 14...

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Live Performance: Santeria Sociale - Milano, IT

April 17, 2016

William will be performing "A Shadow In Time (for David Robert Jones)"at the Santeria Sociale in Milano on April 17th. 20:...

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