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Fulcrum Arts Annual Benefit - Pasadena, CA

November 6, 2018

Join Fulcrum Arts as it hosts its annual benefit event. This year, the nonprofit will honor experimental composer William Basinski and LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory). Fulcrum Arts Annual Benefit will support its mission to advance the fields of art and science and to support artists to make work on a civic scale, develop new modes of thinking - and even new raw materials - at the forefront of the intersection of the fields. Treasured contributors to the Fulcrum Arts community, both LIGO and William Basinski have collaborated with Fulcrum Arts through performances, exhibitions, and residencies, and each demonstrates bold experimentation and achievement at the forefront of culture and science. The event will take place at Carnegie Observatories campus in Pasadena. The benefit will also feature a world premiere performance by Basinski and fellow ambient composer Lawrence English.

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