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Exhibition: Ghost in the Machine - EIGEN + ART Lab, Berlin

April 29, 2016

William's work will be part of "Ghost in the Machine," an exhibition presented by Carsten Nicolai of Raster Noton at the EIGEN + ART Lab from 4/29-6/25.

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Human beings build contraptions to fulfill specific tasks, yet we often forget that complex mechanical-systems also develop a life of their own. This independent existence is usually a byproduct, something unexpected and absent from the device’s original plan. The exhibition, “ghost in the machine” explores this subject through a collection of objects, recordings, books, scripts, and writings. The collection shows processes of self-organization with unscheduled, faulty or erroneous mechanical sequences. Playing with the term "Deus ex machina“, the machine is presented here as a device of deception: an autonomous producer of unnatural, unforeseen effects.