The Disintegration Loops III

William Basinski
2062 0304

"As time passes by, one feels like trapped in quicksand: the more you try to liberate your mind from the echo of memories, the worse you get entangled into that certain 'something' thought to be completely forgotten, but still there in your very 'me'. This image came to my mind while listening to the fifth movement of Basinski's work-in-progress on these heartbreaking loops, probably the absolute top of the series as far as a simple concept of 'beauty' is usable. A few orchestral chords stretch one over another while the rolling tape shows here his worst kind of deteriorating, transforming a throbbing atmosphere of delicate infancy rememberings into a flesh-tearing interruption, then again getting into an almost complete silence, broken only by tape hiss and the last remnants of original sound: let me tell you, truly memorable. Part 6 begins right there where the other ends -- more chordal superimpositions in infinite repeat -- this time with minor damage to the tape during its course. This particular piece sounds like a long reflection on what's become of us after so many beautiful moments of our life; what should we try to do to the ones we care about to let them feel our love and respect? William's music is certainly a sign to all of us, he's opening his chest and letting us see what's in there: unbelievably, I -- for one -- have been able to look into a good portion of my own past thanks to his sad yet wondrous recalls." -- Massimo Ricci,

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    Release Date:
    April 2003


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